Vlookup result in Excel not returned in AppSheet

I have a vlookup in my source Excel that shows the correct result in Excel but in AppSheet just shows 0 for all records. I do have an IFERROR in front of the vlookup also to tidy things up.

The formula I see in AppSheet isn’t the same as I have in Excel?

It took me a long time to understand the lookup() function in AppSheet, but now that I do understand it, I use it all the time.

So the formula is,

lookup([value to lookup],
[table to look in],
[column to find first value],
[column of value you want returned])

I have never had to use an IFERROR. Lookup() only returns one value. If I want to return a list I use a reference. I’m less familiar with references but they are effective for returning lists.

I was expecting it to just copy the value from the result determined in the excel formula?

Despite the question mark, that doesn’t seem to be a question.


You perhaps have a column type mismatch. All of your Excel columns should be formatted as plain text.

My excel formula is

In AppSheet it looks like this

The excel column is plain text, does the appsheet column also have to be text? Currently it’s number

No; the AppSheet column type should reflect you app’s needs.

I’m not familiar enough with Excel formulas to know what might be wrong with it; I would encourage you to replace it with an AppSheet expression.