Voice Assistant crashes on Google Pixel 2. Samsun 10+, iPhone x

I have just finished developing an app and one item that would be great to address is that when I use the voice assistant on my Google Pixel 2, Appsheet crashes and kicks me out of my App. i.e., it just exits and then i have to log back into the app

One of the other users on the community site has also commented that it crashes for him as well on his Samsung S10+.

He said he also tested it on an iPhone x and it also crashes.

So it looks like on 3 different phones and two different users are having the same crashing issue on the following phones:

  • Pixel 2
  • Samsung 10+
  • iPhone x

I wanted to formally submit a Bug report to see if there is a fix for this. This is a very cool feature and it works on my notebook (HP/Win) so having it on mobile phones for users would be great.

I’m also adding some text from the trace of where it looks like/at which point it crashed in the code, using my phone. Perhaps that may help?

Exception class name: java.lang.NullPointerException
Source File: SpeechRecognitionManager.java
Source Class: x1TrackMaster.x1TrackMaster.helpers.SpeechRecognitionManager
Source Method: onResults
Line Number: 157


Please send your bug report to support@appsheet.com.

Hi Steve,

Thanks, will do now.


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Hi @pdorenberg,
Thanks for pointing out this issue. A fix for this crash will be coming in the next update to the Android app.

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Thank you very much Gil, great to hear.

I noticed that one of the other community members mentioned that it seemed to a issue on iOS as well.

Just wanted to check on the fix for both Android and Apple platforms.


Yes, we’re looking into iOS too. Could you please point to that post about iOS?

Hi Gil,

It was a reply/post to my initial question from Yassir. Here’s the link to that thread, see his comments about Samsung 10+ and iOS.


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Thanks Paul. We identified one issue where, if speech recognition permissions are denied on iOS, that leads to a crash. We are trying to repro any other scenarios. Stay tuned.

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