Voice Recognition to assist typing and data entry

Some of my clients who have been using my Appsheet app for years actually did not know this is available on the appsheet, and I remember it was documented somewhere in Appsheet help doc, but please allow me to post this as kinda of reminder.

When we enter the data into the form of appsheet, especially for the text/long text type of column, we are able to activate the Voice Recognition function. I m using I phone, but when we are in attemp to type something, the key board is activate and available. Hit the mic button which is enable the voice recognition function over your device.

Appsheet captures the text being recognized through the voice recognition. I reminded my users who are on the site for inspection stuffs, they are encouraged to use this useful function especially when they are on the site with safety glove on their hands etc. No need to precisely type everything, but they can use this feature to take a brief note for records for whatever they want.

Just as a reminder and for those who might not know this is possible like for newbies to Appsheet.


This is not a function of AppSheet; it’s a feature provided by the phone.

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That’s correct.

@tsuji_koichi the appsheet version of the feature you describe is smart assistant… https://youtu.be/NGbOtnaug2w?t=40 Which I think works as an app sheet function independent from the phone inbuilt voice recognition… I’m curious to see if appsheet can work with the phone’s voice recognition…

Hi the subject I deal with here is not smart assistant feature , but generic mobile voice recognition feature which will assist user to entry data into appsheet through their voice.

My app clients are JAPANESE. when they turn the language mode to JAPANESE then key board is set to write JAPANESE. Based on this setting, turning on voice recognition, it will pick up JAPANESE language precisely.

I placed another post yesterday to request improvement of performance for assistant.

Oh I see…

This is post for assistant view fyg.

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It’s voice-typing (virtual keyboard). On Android, it is called “Google voice typing”. I was once badly sick and have to stay in hospital for a month. My eyes could not focus on on-screen keyboard. I had used this very good feature chatting with family & friends at that very hard time.

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i saw the youtube demo tonight, looked accurate, very impressive.
but when i tried the Assistant on one of our apps, it missed 90% of the time.
for example, i requested “show me a table of managers” and that worked.
but when i requested “show me a table of assets” it would insert filters with words nowhere near what i asked, not really random, it stuck with 2 variations.
i had to specifically say “show me all rows of assets” or similar.
is there something i can do to cmake this work as good as the youtube video?