Voice to text recognition for text fields on forms

Hello Appsheet,

I run into the issue on construction sites all the time where the workers using my apps are not 100% smartphone savy and will avoid typing detailed descriptions for work being performed due to the time it will take them. So I am requesting a voice to text recognition option for text fields in forms.

Please let me know if you guys have considered this already.

Thank you Appsheet!

On Android, speech-to-text is built into the standard Gboard keyboard interface, so it’s already available there. I don’t have access to an iPhone so I can’t speak to its capabilities.


I’m sure it works the same Steve thanks for the heads up

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hi, @Steve, we’re needing handwriting recognition in APP fields for a 120-strong fleet of windows 7 desktops, laptops and tablets. are there any known cases to use as guides?

So neat. Had a test user suggest adding this functionality today. Easiest ‘change’ I’ve ever made to an app! :joy: