Wait condition 30 seconds?

I’m building a bot and I’d like it to wait 30 seconds before going to the next task. Is this possible?

Use case: I have a form where someone enters their address, that goes out integromat to hit an API that get’s me the correct email for their location. It’s quick, but not instant. My next task is to send it to that e-mail address, so I’d like the automation to wait a few seconds. I see I can do it based on condition, but I can’t seem to figure out what to do with that.

thanks in advance

I guess I should clarify, I put in a condition isnotblank([email]) to try and trigger it, but it’s not triggering the task after it’s filled. Mind you the filling of the google sheet is not happening through appsheet.


Bots can only respond to changes made through AppSheet.


It’s not available now but according to the post below, it is being worked on.

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Funny, I was just going down this rabbit hole to see if it would work. I’m currently getting a 400 error because EST API invoke request failed - The ApplicationAccessKey is missing from the HTTP header

Wouldn’t know what that is do you? I don’t see it in the documentation for Appsheet API

I am not familiar with that directly. TI do recall some changes surrounding ApplicationAccessKey and remember this post concerning a similar error.

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Never mind, I was able to find it.

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