Wait for a condition - 15 seconds

When a user inputs a new product in a form, I’m looking to have the following take place:

User Inputs record into products table
Bot triggers and creates data on file table and sets value of a field in the file table.
Due to sync delays and connectivity delays, I’ll need to make sure the set value action is completed before the system creates a record in the work hours table.

If I use the Wait for a condition process, what’s the correct way to wait 15 seconds:

I’m thinking something like this?

15 seconds is expressed as "000:00:15". E.g., 15 seconds from now is (NOW() + "000:00:15").


Thanks Steve so Now() plus a few seconds would work here?

This new wait for certain amount of time feature is new to us, so yet tested. However, you should already capture the now() value when you bot is invoked, so you dont need to push now() expression, but just simply pass “000:00:15” to the step config.


I re-read this post.

Min wait amount of time is said to be 10 mins, so you are not abe to config your bot to wait for the step to execute after 15 secs.



Hi @Daisy_Ramirez, if you are interested in the new wait step feature, I can add you to rollout for early access as well.
Just let me know your account ID.


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