Want blank inline action icon

Is it possible to have inline actions without an icon? I want the on click to still be there but not have an icon associated with the action.

I have setting like below to “not show” the icon:

That’s a format rule?

You must be using a dark theme bc #000000 is black, #FFFFFF is white.

Yes, its a format rule.

hmmm what did I do wrong?

All 0’s is black all F is white
Oh #0000 shows white because that is not a full hex color value.

Understood. Did you tried with #0000 ?
It will just hide it. if it’s wrong, maybe a bug?

I don’t understand hex very much but #0000 and #FFFFFF work. I guess they’re both ways of writing white in hex

Yes, that’s what I understood about #0000, so make it both same color will “hide it”.