Want to edit one column yes/no of a related number when scan that number QR code

i m trying to finish my app to monitor people at work place ( on a navy ship)

i have created an personnel data and UX in which i make some action bottom to switch between onboard and off board in one column , it works OK
but now i want to make a point of QR Code scan (like POS) to check in when my crew come onboard, they can scan their particular ID QR code to the scanner (like in supermarket ) then Appsheet can switch their status in data sheet to “onboard” and again later when they scan and match the ID number so switch to Offboard ,

please help, my understanding in appsheet automation is very limited

thank you

Commander Chotivit

Sounds like not an issue for Automation stuffs, but just IF condition based on the last row (with the same ID) status value.

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could you enlightening me a little how to put that IF condition