Want to keep old data intact When new information is updated

I want the weekday column that has already been done will not update with new information.
such as

  1. Make a date entry. 1/5/2021-30/5/2021 A’s working days = 5 days
  2. Make a date entry. 1/6/2021-30/6/2021 A’s working days = 15 days

I wish that when I made a new transaction, the old one still had the same information. No new updates like adding items.


If you collect your data in a table, where each record is it’s own data collection, then yes this is what will happen.

  • Each record will hold it’s own data, and only be updated whenever someone edits that record and changes the corresponding data.

what i want is This app acts like a payroll.
such as being able to look back

Add data of A 1/5/2021-30/5/2021 Days to work 22 Income 7,260

Add a new month list A 1/6/2021 - 30/6/2021 Days to work 30 Income 9,900

Whether to add a list of new months The old month’s information remains the same all the time, such as the need, date, time of work, and expenses remain the same for that month.

I want to make a slip and want to keep the old data intact. when adding new information

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