Want to know the amount of the product of each item per month per year


I want to calculate the product balance each month , each year


such as
9109F-WD 1/8/2564 = 18
9109F-WD 2/8/2564 = 19
9109F-WD 3/8/2564 = 20
9109F-WD 31/8/2564 = 30

Model 9109F-WD Balance of 1 Month Total Date of Recording 81 /Month

If I need information every month I have to create an actual 12 month column and do some calculations, right?

want to calculate product balance /month , /year

But that I use in a formula in Excel of a table called MONTH.
The formula is =IF(ISBLANK(J9),"",MONTH(L9))
J9 = new row picking list
L9 = date of the new row

It’s a line-by-line calculation. But the result is the number of months.
of the YEAR table as well.

The RP (REPORT) is the yearly summary.
But it’s COUNIF formula, it only counts adding lines, not counting the amount drawn.
I want it to count products by product name.



the excel image is an example


Images from apps and spreadsheets

The formula used for the month

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