Want to see only those row for which SUM:: <> 0

I have created an app for budgeting, managing my Loans and returns.
I have created a different UX for different View and that is a Success.
Now i have a List of contacts for which the SUM of the balance remaining is 0 which is auto calculated by the app.
I want to only see the names of person for whom the balance is +1 and more or -1 and less.

Please guide me how can i achieve this.

Thanks & Regards,
Rohan Mhatre

Presuming you have a row for each customer and that row has a column for balance ,you may create a slice with a filter expression something like

OR( [Balance]>=1, [Balance]<= -1)

Then you may base your view “NonZero Balance” on this slice.

Well this wont give me the solution because this formula of Displaying Group Aggregate is only applicable and available in UX options.

And I am trying to filter my data on Group aggregate which is not a real data but an App Data.

Oh ok, got it. Thank you for providing additional details of group aggregating. Suggestion earlier was of course based on earlier given details and relevant assumption.

You may wish to share how is your table structure and relevant details so that community could helps with appropriate suggestions.

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Ok Sure i dont mind sharing.

I am Attaching an image of my app view.
What i want in that is Who is on Aggregate Total 0 must either go down or have an option to not view them

Hi @Rohan_Mhatre1,

We requested you to share table strcture.

Anyway, based on description so far, in general I believe you could add a couple of VCs and approach as below

VC1 [Total Amount]
Expression -

SUM(SELECT(Table Name[Amount], [Customer]=[_THISROW].[Customer]))

Vc 2 [ExcludeCustomer]

IF([Total Amount]=0, “Exclude”, “Include”)

A slice “NonZeroBalance” with filter expression as


A view “NonZero Balance” based on slice “NonZeroBalance”

Results of a test app
View below includes customer with zero balance and based on table rather than slice

View below based on slice "NonZeroBalance and excludes customers with zero balance