Want to show results, ask for pictures and the horizontal result of each row CSV File Text Spacing Story

I’m not very good at excel formulas. But sometimes we study from the appsheet sample.

as pictured is

  1. I want to print out the report as shown in the picture. Code, name, attendance date, attendance date, time out, total time
  2. I want the sum. of each row is horizontal
  3. I want the description box to pop up a message when this code does not record the date and time of work or record the date and time of work.
  4. Some sections require a CSV file or a text file in order to be pulled into the payroll system.

which i made the app So I want to know how the text file is spaced if retrieved from an appsheet. Because of the sheet app, it downloads the file as CSV, it comes out as Excel, I want it to allow you to enter the payroll system.

And most importantly, there are some items that require csv or text files. which I would like to know the spacing of the tex file to import into the payroll system.

Thanks to everyone who replied and gave advice.

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