Want to trigger an action from a form submittion but only for NEW records

I couldn’t find a way to trigger an action ONLY for new added rows (not for edits) after a form submittion.
I was able to achieve this creating a workflow rule that trigger the action but it’s kind of slow, so I want to know if this is possible using only actions

Hello @jorbegozo, welcome to the community!

That’s exactly what these are for:

Read more about them here:

Hi! Thanks for the reply.
Yes, I’ve configured my action that way, but the action gets executed both when adding new rows or editing and I want to get it executed only for new added rows.

The only way I have figured out how to work this is to have two different forms, one for adding, the other for editing. You could leave one as the automatically added ‘system generated form’ and introduce a new custom form for the other action. Lets say you used the system generated form for adding only, then you would need to find your action for editing and hide the system generated ‘edit’ action and replace with your own custom link to form action. The system generated form for ‘adding only’ would then have the custom ‘Form Saved’ event.