Want to view only last 10 days data in app view

hi i want to view only the last 10 days data in the app…

i tried using slice…but i am not able to add new data…

so is there an alternate way to control the amount of data we view in app like only the last 10 days of data…

The slice’s condition rule should be like [Date]>=TODAY()-10 and if you want to add data through that slice, you should set the option “Update mode” at least as ADDS.


i had enabled adds and updates and tried slice…but i am not able to view the + icon in the app, where one can add data

Have you set your original table like Adds as well?

yes would you like to have a look at my app…

App No. 1184663

Account : shriyaricemills@gmail.com

Before doing that, you need to give access to your app from My account > Settings, thanks.

And what is the app name? Slice name?

i have given access in my account …app name is SRM Production…slice name is Cutting Slice (its in the menu)

You have chosen only “Edit” action for your slice with the option “Slice ation”.

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That was so helpful of u taking a look at my data set…

Thank you for resolving the issue

You’re welcome