Wanted category for community

Moderators please place this wherever you think is best. Could you add a work needed portion for the community?
I am pretty competent at building my apps, but sometimes things take too much time for me to want to build, and I would be willing to hire a developer to assist. Maybe you could put a Job Posting feature out there where people could put their requirements and receive quotes.

On my end, I’ve been integrating PDFfiller via Zapier to make official PDFs for new employees. I need these to look exactly right, but the lag of PDFfiller is too long, sometimes as long as an hour. I need someone that would be willing to convert these PDFs into a google document format, or use the APIs from Google Slides to fill out a PDF.
I’ve put a feature request, but it isn’t picking up traction, and I need this to happen faster.

In summary.

  1. Created a Job posting section to allow developers to post work needed, or apply for work.
  2. I need someone to make my PDFs into good google docs, or write a google script to build the PDF for me.

@Peter? @JCadence?

-Similar idea, but from the opposite perspective:
I would like to see an AppSheet Partners/Advanced Developers Category, or maybe something like a Slack channel for devs to consult each other privately.

I know there is a message feature, but I’m thinking more like a channel that’s not tied to a single message thread. If we had such a channel, then maybe @School_Bus’s idea for a “Wanted” post could be made to that private channel of pre-screened developers.

@School_Bus if you are still looking for someone, check out the AppSheet Partners page.


Hmm… didn’t even know that existed.

I do like the advanced developer category too.

Hello @School_Bus ,
I would gladly try to help you with your request.
Please send me the info PDFs you want to convert google docs to eloy001@gmail.com
Best :slightly_smiling_face:

Let me see if this new PDF functionality fixes it, if it doesn’t I’ll send you a message


The “new PDF functionality” does not add a single new feature. It’s seriously a replacement in kind, except more reliable…


Ughh… I was hoping that it would look more similar to what the google doc or word doc looks like.

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