Wanted: Chart Testers

Thank you everyone. @jared is going to check the new library in the code today, so it should come out with tomorrow’s deployment. (Mid to later afternoon Pacific time).
It WILL NOT contain any new functionality right now. We are for now focusing on backward compatibility.
While some of the label, legend overlap issues have been addressed and should look a lot better, the rest should actually look exactly the same. So we mostly need you to verify all your apps and make sure the chart render as they did before and we did NOT break you in any way shape or form.

May I even suggest you take a couple of screen shots of the apps you will use today so that you can show us the before and after differences…
When you checked your new app, please respond to this thread and confirm it’s all good, or if not, what is looking different (before and after screenshots are going to be the best).

Once this first stage is rolled-out then we will organize some sessions Mid to late August to show you some of the new features we are working on with this new library. I can’t wait.


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Will do, sir.
I just took some screenshots from my production app where the chart appearance looks “not great” and use as baseline for the upcoming comparision works with new liberary.

Looking foward to testing.

Screenshots in the bucket, nothing too fancy though…
@TDhers Quick question for you.
We work with Resource Histograms quite a bit, and one of the things that has always been painful is ensuring that the data includes physical null records that especially work with interactive dashboards. We would love the histogram for example to include a bar for each date min to max and NOT have to have physical null records for the gaps… Is there any way to accomplish this on the reporting end, not the data end?

:slight_smile: I am glad it looks the same, because we haven’t deployed the new library yet :slight_smile:

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Grant and Everyone else. We have deployed. Please go at it and test the heck out of our new Chart rendering. Please share discrepancies here and keep @jared, @Arthur_Rallu or I tagged on your feedback.
Don’t forget to also give a thumbs up if all is same or improved with your app charts so that we know we got it right in all other cases…


Ummm these look quite a bit better… The labels, the dots… Legit… The only thing I wish is that when you clicked a dot it took you to that entire record…Also, the “fast chart” when you expand it doesn’t retain teh display name… I’m unsure if these were preexisting conditions.

@jared @Arthur_Rallu

Not much time I have spent on the new charts, but it looks awesome. The legends which has been overwrapping, is now nicely “wrapped” in a single line when the space of the view are restricted such as mobile view. The x-axis name which was located in the middle of x-axis which was also overwrapped with item names is now relocated to the upper left of the x axis line. I m impressed. The tooltips looks beatiful to give the quick insight into data when user play with the chart. I will spend more time to find what s new etc.

In the meantime, I found a buggy behaivior, where the code need to be corrected apparently. (Z-index related)

This seems ONLY happen when the chart is placed into Dashboard, interactive mode OFF. The touching screen particular area give a tooltips, but under a certain condition, the tooltips goes behind the chart bar. Above screenshot is sample shot from my app.

After going to full screen mode, this wont happen, only dashboard where the chart view is compacted to smaller size.


@Martin_Pace Check out this thread, and please post any of your insights.

@Grant_Stead @tsuji_koichi

Thanks for sharing these screenshots. I have mostly avoided the use of charts in AS, so its helpful to see your before and afters.


They’re getting much much better… I would think you could start engaging them… They’re pretty nice in interactive dashboards… They bend and flex well…


Hi @Jonathon

This is one of the “extream” example how the chart (before) looks bad which turns to be “perfect fit” now.


Chart, in this sample pie chart size is squeezed like a soccer in the deep sea 1000 m depth… in case there are long list of legends.


Now looks perfect. Optimized.

The Ugly Duckling story?


@jared @Arthur_Rallu @TDhers

Before/after sample screenshot. I m proud of you guys, well done! I know it is not an easy jobs to optimize the charts to fit all the possible cases, but you guys achieved. Thanks again.



Is there any place (or here in this thread?) where i can throw a feature request or request for awaited additional feature in terms of chart view ? Appreciate if you open up a thread or give a permission to do so here.

Koichi/ Tableau Geek


Thanks everyone for the feedback so far!

@tsuji_koichi I will look into the z-index issue.

I’ll look into setting up a feature request thread but feel free to drop any feature requests here in the mean time


Thank you for reporting these Grant. @Jared^ @Arthur^

Oh boy, now you are really asking for it Jared :slight_smile:

Nice. I was indeed most hopeful about those ugly Pie charts…

Not much new features yet Koichi, mostly fixing rendering and layout issues for now… :slight_smile:

Yes I know, not much new features, but my job is putting bunch of feature request to make you guys busy all the time. That’s my point!


Get 'em! hahahaa

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Yes I know, not much new features but massive improvement already, however my job … bra bra bra…