Wanted: Chart Testers

They’re getting much much better… I would think you could start engaging them… They’re pretty nice in interactive dashboards… They bend and flex well…


Hi @Jonathon

This is one of the “extream” example how the chart (before) looks bad which turns to be “perfect fit” now.


Chart, in this sample pie chart size is squeezed like a soccer in the deep sea 1000 m depth… in case there are long list of legends.


Now looks perfect. Optimized.

The Ugly Duckling story?


@jared @Arthur_Rallu @TDhers

Before/after sample screenshot. I m proud of you guys, well done! I know it is not an easy jobs to optimize the charts to fit all the possible cases, but you guys achieved. Thanks again.



Is there any place (or here in this thread?) where i can throw a feature request or request for awaited additional feature in terms of chart view ? Appreciate if you open up a thread or give a permission to do so here.

Koichi/ Tableau Geek


Thanks everyone for the feedback so far!

@tsuji_koichi I will look into the z-index issue.

I’ll look into setting up a feature request thread but feel free to drop any feature requests here in the mean time


Thank you for reporting these Grant. @Jared^ @Arthur^

Oh boy, now you are really asking for it Jared :slight_smile:

Nice. I was indeed most hopeful about those ugly Pie charts…

Not much new features yet Koichi, mostly fixing rendering and layout issues for now… :slight_smile:

Yes I know, not much new features, but my job is putting bunch of feature request to make you guys busy all the time. That’s my point!


Get 'em! hahahaa

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Yes I know, not much new features but massive improvement already, however my job … bra bra bra…

Thank you @jared

Glad to hear I’m free to throw balls to court!!

Will do but tomorrow job!

Nigh nigh.

Hi everyone! I’m locking this thread down for the time being as we’ve opened up a special category specifically for chart testing and updates. Please post your photos, questions, comments, etc. in that space moving forward.

Excited to see this collaboration unfold!

Please count me in…ID: 245151

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Please add me as well, ID: 179269



Please add me and my other team dev guy
ID: 1543773
ID: 2311557

Exciting stuff…Looking forward to it. Thank you

Please ADD ME :slight_smile:
ID: 1164890

Hi name is Saichon from Thailand