Wants to save multiple comments

Before you read anything below I’m very new to Appsheet & the community.
I’m creating an account receivable app. in which the clients have to update multiple comments. on a single row.
I trying to do it with but failing, could anyone guide me on this

Hi, are you able to give more details about your issue? Client have to update multiple comments in what way? Do you want to update the comment itself or add a comment for that field?

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For e.g. on a particular row, which consists of data related to the client, he gives an update to me about payment, I want to record that update as a comment (With timestamp if possible)
Now after a few days, I call the client again for the update on the same data row, I do not want to replace the comment, I want both the comments to exists, whenever I want to view.

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Okay thanks. You have two options…
#1 - Add new comment column for the 2nd comment
#2 - Create a Child table for comments and then you can have as many comments as you want.
Please check this article that describes how the Related table structure works.


Hi Aleksi,

Thanks for the update.
I tried to follow the tutorial shared by you, but not able to replicate for my app.
Created another table try to give reference, but it not getting it right.

If you can please help me out on this, in brief it would be great.

Thanks once again.

Please check the sample app called “Data and Comments” from…


Hey Aleksi,

Thanks for the help, it very well served my purpose.

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You’re welcome