Warning if a field is not posted but can save

I have a field let say cash amount, it’s not a mandatory field, but nevertheless like to raise a warning when saving the form …like cash not filled in… but if they mark it ok …it should save the forrm
how to raise such a warning for the non-mandatory field.

Maybe if its not possible …then should be considered as a feature request

Just put add a physical, ENUM type column to the end of your table with having only one option i.e. YES, CONTINUE etc. and make it visible and required with:

ISBLANK([Cash Amount])

Set your form to Auto-Save and whenever they leave the cash amount blank it will be visible at the end of the form and the form will be saved only after it’s selected.


Thanks …its a good workaround …but no functionality as yet in appsheet to do it I suppose.

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AFAIK there isn’t

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