Was the button for creating attachment template removed?

As a rookie, I used to autocreate an attachement template , and then fine tune that templete.

Today, I noticed that creation button is missing.

Is this a definitive change , done on porpouse ?

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Hi, you need to save the Workflow first so you could see the “Create” button.


Thanks. I did that , twice. I’ll retry with a new workflow.

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Conclusions :

I was trying to create a report attachment template . For reports there is no “create” button . This option is available in workflows , after saving the workflow . So the deal is to create the workflow , create the template , copy the template to a report template , remove the workflow.

Also , another observation is that reports can be set for slices , and worflows can only be set for tables.

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I will check this missing button from our devs. I don’t believe we have done this on purpose. Thanks for this info.

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It is still missing on my end and others end as I saw in another topic

is there an update for this?? We cannot see the create button for email body and attachment template in reports…thanks

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This still seems to be missing, how are people making reports without it?


Yes, it seems to be missing. Was very useful to create a default template.


If it helps

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Hi, It helps parcially because I want to create a Report on a Slice but I don’t know how to invoke the slice in the <> espressions

In workflow select slice name instead of table name ,thrn create template. Slice acts as tables in expressions.

Anyway, an example from my reports templates :

<<Start: Select(SliceName[uniqueidcol], TRUE)>>
colaborator: <<[col1]>>
nume: <<[col2]>>
obs: <<[col3]>>
< < End >>

Thats it

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Sorry I Cannot select slice name in workflow. Only table

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You are right.

Maybe create your template using table name, then edit that template changing table name with slice name.

It looks like the create template is back again for reports.


I still don’t see it, just tested it, but this for sure it means it will appear one of these days.

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I dont see either

Thank you @Lynn for the heads up. I also do not see it as of now, but as @OptimiX_XcrY , I believe it should be a matter of a few days before we see it.

Oh, … hope you get it back soon.