Water consumption monitoring application

Hi, I’m working on the design of a water consumption monitoring application. I managed to make an excel chart that mimics my application. I want the user to enter weekly water consumption data by meter and then the application will generate graphs and water consumption ratios. When I transform my excel file that I created on the application it doesn’t work and my calculation formulas are lost.

Thank you in advance for your help.

You’ve provided no details to aid troubleshooting, and it sounds like you may need some extensive help. You may want to consider engaging an AppSheet partner.

This is an application for the school, I can’t afford to contact partners.

I will go into more detail.

  • I enter my weekly water consumption in a box.
  • Then I put the number of people who live in my house in another box.

once I submitted this data, out I have:

  • weekly consumption per occupant
  • daily consumption per occupant

I would like to put conditions on my output data:

  • my value is red if I consume too much
  • orange if I consume moderately
  • green if my consumption is low

Thank you for your help :slight_smile:

What is “too much”, “moderately”, “is low” ??

you need to define these and create and expression that determine if the consumption is in 1 of the above categories.

Read up on this to create an expression.

Watch this

Than you will need to read into this. Your expression will be in a format rule to apply your desired colour to matching items.

Watch this

Come back when the above is finished if you need more help :).


Thank you for your answer, I will use all the tools you have at my disposal and I will come back to you if I have any questions :slight_smile: