Way to allow user to duplicate/create new spreadsheet or private table

So im currently working on a project management app. Using google sheets as my dataset

Ive linked my template dataset into appsheet, so that the user (the project manager) is able to input data into the various rows

However, my users are going to have more projects, so they need the option of cloning that dataset template (this would be excel or google sheets creating a whole new document, or at least an additional duplicate tab with the information copied over)

i can do it as the developer manually by copying the dataset and linking it in via the “add new table” option, but i need the option of essentially making my dataset a template that can be copied over and over from the user side.

Any way to do this?

With AppSheet, you could use the same table/sheet by adding a project name/ID column to hold the record of each project.

However, if you want to copy the whole sheet/table to another new sheet/table, you have to use Google AppsScript.

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The data model you want to use, with one worksheet per project, is really not a model AppSheet is designed to accommodate. I would encourage you to consider data models that might be used with a database system, which would suit AppSheet well.

That said, were you to pursue your data model, you might find partitions useful:

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