We are busy building a Sport Event registrati...

(Henry Scott) #1

We are busy building a Sport Event registration solution for Cyclists to enter for an Event. We will have an Appsheet form that they complete as a Public App on our Website. The Cyclist will supply in the Appsheet form their personal detail and the race/distance that they want to partake in. So basically just “deposit” ther information and the form will reload to a blank form agan. We then use the email they supplied and email them their Race ID We have done the App and must just do the automated email - I think this is possible?

Here are our challenges: 1. We do not want them to complete the Blank form more than once or lets say we do not want duplicates. So if their Personal ID Number is already in the Sheet we want a mechanism to not add it again and just load the Blank Form again. Not sure if this is possible. 2. On Race Day we want them to check-in at our Kiosks (Android Tablets) where they must supply their Race ID that we mailed them by typing it in in an Appsheet form on the Tablets available and then we want to display their Personal Detail with a Check-In Button that they wil have to click on and where we then change their Status to “Checked-In” from the original Status of “Entered”

Is this possible in Appsheet?

We want to do this ourselves and not hire an Appsheet developer because of budget constraints and was hoping for the generosity of this community to assist us. We will share the App when done on this forum for people to use Appreciate any help

(Aleksi Alkio) #2

Sending an email is possible with the workflow. Your subsriction plan needs to be Publisher Plus then. #1 - Because this is a public app, you should use FALSE as security filter. Otherwise whoever can see user’s Personal ID number (unique value I think) and I believe you don’t want to do that. Because of the security filter, you can’t evaluate who has filled the form already because you don’t have data in your device. #2 - Create a check-in form where you ask the Race ID and when they fill that, display details of that user from the registration table as you like. When they have saved this form, you can read the status with the virtual column if there is a record with the same Race ID like… IF(COUNT(SELECT(CheckInTable[KeyColumn],[Race ID]=[_THISROW].[Race ID]))>0,“Checked-In”,“Entered”)

(Henry Scott) #3

Thank you for the response @Aleksi_Alkio. #1 - I am ok with #2 - I am struggling with visualizing the UI design/look&feel. If I create multiple View Forms (1st one for Registration and 2nd One for Check-In), then how do I design the UI so that the Cyclist can access the relevant Forms during the relevant 2 different processes? So give the Cyclist 2 x Options in the Launch Bar at the bottom - “Registration” and then “Check-In” or can one do it in another way through an “App Launcher” approach through Icons that they can Click on? Then on #2 also how would the UI react if the Race ID is typed in incorrectly and it is not found?

Thanks again for your expert guidance

(Aleksi Alkio) #4

#2 - You mentioned that they will Check-In on kiosk and it could be a good idea to create two different apps… one for Public and one for the kiosk. With the kiosk app you don’t need to use security filter because that app won’t be public and you have control for that. With that app you can show an alert for the user if the Race ID doesn’t exist.

(Henry Scott) #5

Yep thought as much that 2 x Apps is the easier option. One can still then have an App Launcher if you want to allow Cyclists to Register on the Day of the Race as well. They will then use “Event Registration” and then “Event Check-In” on the Tablet as a Kiosk. One can then use the URL for the “Event Registration” on our Website.

(Aleksi Alkio) #6