We cannot change the currency symbol of an Enum/Enuml List column with the price base type

If we select the price as the base type of an Enum/Enum List column, the values will shown with the dollar sign and that cannot be changed.

Why can’t you just use a Price type column then? You can get a dropdown by entering a List returning valid_if expression, even without setting the column as an Enum.


Thanks for the reply.

I like to have it for both enum and enum list. Sorry, I didn’t mention enum list in the description. I will update it.

Another thing is since it is listed in the base type, Apsheet can always make it better :sweat_smile:


Agreed! Since we can select a specific Base Type, we should be presented with all of the formatting capabilities of the usual data type columns. This applies to ALL of the possible Base Types.

As a possible workaround, you may be able to get the Enum/EnumList to show your desired currency symbol by placing the price into a table (even if by itself) and then setting the Enum/EnumList with Base Type of Ref to that Price table. Not ideal but I believe it would provide your desired result without much effort and only a minimal hit on efficiency.

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