We have a typing issue. Started today. When...

(Nikita Derevianko) #1

We have a typing issue.

Started today.

When you go to type anything in the search bar of appsheet, for example “Fish” in a mobile device (both phone and pad),

we get the following: FFiFisFish

Started several hours ago.

Has anyone else seen this?


(Praveen Seshadri (AppSheet)) #2

I don’t see this on my iPhone. What device are you using? @Brian_Sabino

(Nikita Derevianko) #3

@praveen I have Samsung Tab A and HTC U11, both seem to do this, although U11 differs a little from the two Samsung Tablets. I have tried in two different apps, seems to happen in both. No such issue when I access same apps on the computer.


I can reproduce the problem. Looking for a solution.

(Nikita Derevianko) #5


Hi Adam, just seeing if you had any luck with the solution for the above?

It is still happening.



@Nikita_Derevianko We temporarily disabled the change responsible for this while looking for a fix. It may be your device is still running an older build. If you fully close and relaunch the app do you still see this happening?