We have an internal order management system a...

(Winnie Fink) #1

We have an internal order management system and are preparing to launch AppSheet in order to provide a customer portal (view only). All is great except we need to solve for image rotation, which is a particular issue with photos taken via iOS - both in our “home” app and in AppSheet. Images are uploaded and saved in AWS.

In our home app, we are using a numeric input field (defaulting it to the value correlating to primary value as determined by the photographers’ primary device orientation) and use the image metadata to rotate the image for display. Users can then change the value to rotate the image as needed.

Can we create a formula in AppSheet to solve this problem similarly? We can import the numeric field already populated as mentioned above. Similar to our other app, we are hoping for a solution via a formula that can use the numeric value and the image URL to make this work. Thanks for the consideration.


I don’t think we have any mechanism to manipulate image rotation through formulas or through the app. We can consider it a feature request @Brian_Sabino @Gil_Littman_AppSheet