We have built a presentation catalog where al...

(Zachary Gatch) #1

We have built a presentation catalog where all of the assets are PDF files.

We would like for our sales team to be able to pull up a PDF and share it with a customer.

My first question is if there is a way to built in to the app an action that would allow for the under to text or email the file?

If that is not possible, should the user be dependent to text/email the PDF document with the options that the users device would naturally offer when viewing something within a browser environment?

I’ve attached a couple of screen prints from a user operating on an Android.

Please let me know if there are settings I might should advise our team to check in their devices general settings or if there is any other information you might need to help troubleshoot.

Thank you!

(Philip Garrett) #2


Topic “Sending Email and Including File Attachments” in this article sounds similar to what you are trying to do https://help.appsheet.com/behavior/workflow-introduction/triggering-email-sms-or-notifications-from-the-app

Triggering Email, SMS, or Notifications from the App help.appsheet.com