We have occasionally been getting timestamp d...

(Tom Graham) #1

We have occasionally been getting timestamp data that is in the past for the last 2 weeks or so. Often seems to be a date that is 1 day before our current date.

Today we confirmed that it happened when using a browser/PC, and did not happen when using a phone.

We are GMT+10, so perhaps the timestamps are for UTC time…? Anyone else having this issue?

(Philip Garrett) #2


I just created a simple app with a ChangeTimestamp field. I performed an update through the Chrome browser on a Windows laptop running Windows 10.

I am located in the Seattle Washington area which is UTC-08:00:00 Pacific Time (US & Canada). The ChangeTimestamp value that resulted from the change was based on the local time on my PC.

I confirmed that by checking the ChangeTimestamp value in the Audit History record. The value being sent by the client was in my system’s locale time.

I am reaching here, but is there any chance that the change was queued earlier and synced later?

Does the Audit History for the change give you any hints about what happened?