We need a CANCEL button in this view

We need a CANCEL button in this view…

There is no way to exit without changes in case of errors.

yes there is. Undo in menu. But yes, there should be a cancel there.

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CTRL-Z also works to undo.

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oh! OK Ill try it thanks…

This seems to revert to the previous saved version. No visual indication of what its undoing… Should be used with caution especially where changes have been made in other areas.
In this view there is a cancel option.

This would be the best option in my opinion.

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I agree 100%!

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It seems like simply clicking on the bar achieves the same action as CANCEL

Nope. Clicking one the bar is the same as clicking Done.

Ooops… thanks for clarifying…

When you click UNDO you get a message at the button right, telling you what has be undone.