We need a way to force new versions of an app on users

It seems no matter what I do, no matter how many notices, updates, messages, emails, texts, posters about users closing their app because we’ve got an update coming… nothing that I do seems to ensure that users close their app for receiving the update.

EVERY time that I make an update to the app, there are users that fail to get the update; then they start using the app, thinking it’s updated, and they lose all their data they submitted.

It wouldn’t be much of an issue, except that recovery files are insanely difficult to reintegrate with the datasource; the original method of recovery (where the rows were just submitted to the datasource irregardless of column structure misalignment) was much easier. You could put the app in recovery, tell the person to hit sync, then watch the data source and extract the records, clean them up, and put them back.

THE REAL ISSUE is that people are able to use an app even if they’re on an incorrect version; yet then the app refuses to accept the data they just submitted. We need the app to refuse to let them work until they update: or force the update upon them. :slight_smile:

PS: The feature “Sync on start” doesn’t cut it; if someone doesn’t close the app - they’ll never get the sync.

I agree this is an issue. Users who don’t update their apps can submit misaligned data especially if a column was removed and this causes the app to not load for everybody.


I believe we should also define the word CLOSE THE APP here. Most of the users understand this as minimizing the app from the Home Screen, which actually does not close the app but lets it running in the background. CLOSE THE APP means, close/minimize the app and immediately remove it from the background running apps drawer. However even most users does not understand this either.

I strongly agree on the point that, AppSheet or the app should check and verify the current build/version on regular intervals on the background. It should bring an error screen and force the user to sync the app before proceeding any further.




This is still a big issue. On top of ending with incomplete data, explaining to users why they have to tap on “Reset Changes” is a pain.

Forcing to sync or having a warning message when closing the app when having items remaining in the sync queue would be nice.

“Show Changes” and “Reset Changes”? What are those and when do they show up?

You can force a sync using actions.

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