We updated our subscription plans

Hello everyone,

Beginning today, April 12, 2021, you will notice that our Premium and Pro plans have been renamed as Starter and Core, respectively. Your subscription and the included features remain the same - and will even include a few expansions, such as upcoming basic team management in Core. You can refer to our pricing page for details. If you subscribe to one of these plans, there is no action needed on your part - this change will be applied automatically. There are no changes to the Publisher Pro plan.

Our Business and Enterprise subscriptions are also changing: Business to a new Enterprise Standard plan, and Enterprise to a new Enterprise Plus plan. Both plans will allow for more flexible per-user pricing, while supporting the same features as their predecessors. If you subscribe to one of these plans, your current subscription will remain in place until your renewal. If you would like to find out more, please contact your sales representative.

What’s new in AppSheet Enterprise Standard and AppSheet Enterprise Plus?

For this community, one of the key benefits of the new Enterprise subscriptions is that you can purchase end-user licenses without an annual fixed fee. This will give access to the more robust features of AppSheet with connectors, authentication, and governance for smaller user counts.

These subscription changes help us to align plan names with the way similar plans are named across Google products and enable further integration between AppSheet and Google.


Am I going to pay more for my current subscription?
No. Your price-per-license and features included in your license don’t change.

Is my feature set being limited?
No. The feature set included in each plan remains the same (and increases in a few cases).


Awesome!! I took a look at the plans and I no longer see database connection explicitly listed. Are connections to sql databases (like GCP CloudSQL) still only available to enterprise standard and enterprise plus?


Hi Daniel, that’s correct. The difference now is that we removed the annual fixed fee for those plans and is only user based. Feel free to reach out to sales by clicking on the contact sales form to discuss options.


Hi @kamila @Santiago,

When will the notation in the editor be changed?
The number of users who are interested in AppSheet is increasing, and it will cause confusion if the pricing page and Editor continue to have different notations.


Hi Takuya, the changes in those areas of the product will be updated over several weeks. Thank you!



Thanks @Santiago

I hope this will be changed soon.
We will converse with clients on the new plan name.
However, they can’t find the name in the Editor and are unsure about using the new AppSheet product.
Of course, the AppSheet Team understands this, but it’s not a happy situation for anyone, and we don’t want that.


@kamila @Santiago

Sorry for repeating myself.

Please link to the Workspace Team and update the Help page as well.


We’re seeing a lot of interest in AppSheet from our customers.
However, new customers can be very sensitive to this kind of confusion.
I would like to ask you to make a polite announcement for future End Users rather than those of us who understand the background.:pray:


@Jon_Melo peep this.

HI Takuya, you will also see updates in the Workspace docs updated with AppSheet Core in the next few days. Thank you for pointing it out :slight_smile:


Quick one, mate. Thanks.
(On behalf of Takuya, now on sleep, haha.)

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One more last thing.
As far as we know. no change in publisher pro plan.
But I just review the new pricing page, but publisher pro plan just mentioned not a list, but only here

I think it is better that publisher pro plan should be standing out bit more clearly so that people get aware of it.
In addition, word of “Pro” is now gone from per user plan, so to keep the consystency, why dont you discuss internally change words, onto Publisher Core? or something as one of the purpose of the change in the plan is to be consistant with Google solusion services?


I was asleep.:laughing:

This is where we have to be careful.
The similarity of the names makes the Plan grade easier to communicate.
On the other hand, we need to correctly communicate the bundled products.
If I understand correctly, I believe the following conversation will need to take place

Customer: If I sign up for Workspace Enterprise Plus, will I also get Enterprise Plus for AppSheet?
Us: No, AppSheet will be bundled with Core.
Customer: What about Workspace Enterprise Standard?
Us: You will need to purchase the AppSheet separately.


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Hi Koichi, that is correct. The Publisher Pro plan remains with the feature limitations it usually has. We won’t be doing any changes to that plan name or feature set in the short time and we’ll update the community changes in the future :slight_smile:


Also, on the Workspace pricing page, it is only listed as Enterprise.

This means that customers may not understand whether their contract is Enterprise Standard or Enterprise Plus.

We need to be careful not to mislead customers with Workspace Enterprise Standard subscriptions into thinking that AppSheet Core is bundled with them.

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If I could get some clarification on these changes? I was an App Maker migrator and essentially my account always showed as Appsheet Business, although it really was a Appsheet Pro subscription with the advanced data connector to Cloud SQL. Also, during other conversations with Appsheet support I was told that my subscription was covered under our State Government Google Workspace Enterprise license.

Now my account reflects Appsheet Core everywhere I look. So what exactly is it that I have at my disposal?

Also, does this reshuffling of naming conventions in any way affect pricing as it relates for having app users living outside our domain? Meaning, are there now more cost effective plans available to allow outside users access to a/some application(s)?


Hi Markus,

Your entitlement should not change based on the product changes we have introduced. In cases like yours, the product experience shouldn’t change even though you have a special type of subscription that is not included in the supported plans. In short, your apps should continue to work :slight_smile:

My advise is that you also connect with your AppSheet sales representative if you want to get more information about what’s included in AppSheet Enterprise Standard or AppSheet Enterprise Plus if you are considering upgrading the subscription.

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Hi @kamila @Santiago

I’m sorry I couldn’t make it to the end.

Will the sometimes remaining name Corporate Plan continue to be used?
This is also causing confusion for our customers.


Takuya, thanks for surfacing - all references to the old plans will be updated over the next few weeks, including the references to corporate plan instead of enterprise. If you have any follow-up questions on specific parts of the editor, the messaging, or have feedback - please feel free to email me directly at kamila@appsheet.com and we can work together to make sure we minimize the confusion for your customers.

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Thanks @kamila ,

My current questions have been answered.
If I receive any additional questions from customers, I will discuss them directly with you.


@kamila what is the Enterprise Standard Per User cost. Seeing that the Annual Fee is not anymore