We use multiple versions of the same app to c...

(Nahani Mate) #1

We use multiple versions of the same app to collect attendance data for courses we run - every course has its own app. We install the app icons as shortcuts on the home screen of the Android tablet that we use to input attendance data. Recently we found we could not get the shortcut for a new course to appear. We could open the app from the app gallery, tap on Add shortcut, but nothing happened. When the tablet was moved to a different location so that it was using a different wifi network, Add shortcut worked. Is it possible that a slow response time in the network can cause Add shortcut to fail?


@Ivan_Chub [AppSheet] is network connectivity involved with adding the shortcut?

(Gil Littman [AppSheet]) #3

@Nahani_Mate Internet connection is need for creating shortcuts (to get the icon image in the right size fo shortcut). Currently, if the app fails getting the icon, there’s no indication for the user that the creation failed. I’ve added notifications to let the user know whats going. The fix will be out in AppSheet version 12.4, hopefully next week. Thanks for letting us know about this issue!

BTW, if your device is running Android OS 7.1 or above, and the latest AppSheet version, you can press and hold the app icon to see recently accessed apps, then drag apps to your homescreen to add a shortcut. Santiago mentioned it a recent blog post (there’s a screenshot): https://blog.appsheet.com/feature-friday-app-integrations-and-zapier-app