We will be sunsetting our support for older browsers: IE 11 and Microsoft Edge Legacy

Hello everyone,

We are updating our browser support policy to align with Google Workspace. Going forward, we will support the current and previous version of all major browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge). In particular, this means sunsetting support for IE 11 and Microsoft Edge (Legacy). IE 11 was released 8 years ago and even many of Microsoft’s own products are dropping support for it - starting August 17, 2021, Microsoft 365 Apps and Azure DevOps will no longer support IE 11 and Edge (Legacy) browsers and will no longer offer security fixes for them. This makes it near impossible for AppSheet to continue to provide support.

Starting on April 28, users of some very old browsers (IE 11 and very old versions of Edge: 18 and earlier) will start to see a warning banner in the editor and in their apps that their browser will be unsupported on June 1. After June 1, AppSheet may stop working in those browsers.

Ending support for these browsers will mean that we are able to spend more time on innovative features that improve the no-code app experience in AppSheet, but I understand this might cause friction. If it does cause issues for you, please reach out to me directly at kamila@appsheet.com and we will work on a solution.

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Hey what modern browser should I upgrade to from Chrome?


I use the latest browser in latest version of M1 macbook and where should I go and get Modern one !

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We had a bug in the code that showed the banner to several modern browsers, not just IE11 and Legacy Edge which are the only ones that will be deprecated. I sincerely apologize about that. We have since identified the root cause and addressed it, so this should not happen going forward.

Unless you are on IE11 and Microsoft Legacy Edge, please disregard the warning - it should disappear when the page is refreshed. On unsupported browsers, it will appear daily, even if closed out using “x”.

Thanks everyone.


When I tried to click the x it didn’t work. I figured it was just a display bug.