Web Accessibility of Shared Apps When using ...

(Michael) #1

Web Accessibility of Shared Apps

When using the AppSheet app, the user can go to Shared Apps to find any/all apps I have given them access to. Where is this equivalent through the web interface?

Right now, the only way I see is to have the user FIRST sign into the AppSheet site and then ‘Click’ the link I’ve sent him either through email or SMS.

Could this extra step be eliminated? Rather than first having to sign into the main AppSheet site, couldn’t the user simply be prompted to sign in when clicking my link? And after signing in, be taken into the app provided in the link I’ve sent him/her?

(Reza Raoofi) #2

What happens if they haven’t signed in to AppSheet site and they just first click on your link? Do they not get prompted to sign in then?

(Praveen Seshadri (AppSheet)) #3

@Michael, think of the AppSheet mobile app as a tool for you as an app creator to keep all your apps in one place. So the equivalent of the My Apps page on the website.

But your end-users never need this. They should just get an app install/launch link and use it. They should not be going thru the AppSheet mobile app.