Web app push notifications

Hi Community,

I’m wondering if there is anybody who is successfully using a service like Pushpad to send push notifications to their desktop users?

If there are, I wonder if you could share how you are managing this and perhaps share some tips.
I have created a workflow that triggers the notification through Pushpad and can see it via Pushpad, but cannot figure out how to get this to my users or me for that matter.

Thanks in advance,

Hello @Chris_Jeal
I’m using Pushpad with one of my personal apps that I have explicitly created for my wife. And I trigger the service with a time-triggered Google Apps Script and a webhook workflow.

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Hi @LeventK,

I have the workflow to trigger once a cell isnotblank.
The workflow is successful and I can also see the notifications in Pushpad.

As you can see I haven’t any recipients which is where I think I am stuck at the moment.
I don’t know how to add my current users as recipients, any clues?

Your users need to install Pushpad app as well to their mobile devices. The installation will create a unique User ID for each installation and with those IDs you need to create recipients or recipient groups as per those IDs.

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OK cool,

I’ll drill-down into this topic a little deeper later on, it is quite cumbersome (at least for me) to get this going, I think that this would be a great feature of Appsheet if they were to build something similar into their editor.

I’ll put a feature request out there and see what happens.

Thanks for the advice.

Best Chris.

You’re welcome @Chris_Jeal