Web app UX design refresh

As many of you have started to notice, last week we have started to rollout some updates to the web app look and feel. We first updated the preview experience to one that is more reactive and doesn’t require reloading the page every time you change a form factor. Then we added a new default font that we believe will work better cross devices.
Finally, we started to update the header and footer section to a more modern, flatter look and feel. The aim of these design changes is to simplify navigation, remove some information overload and thus provide easier readability especially when the app contains a lot of items on small form factor devices.
We are then going to take a stab at the various views and will roll them out progressively.
Carie, our new UX designer (Welcome Carie) is eager to hear your thoughts and feedback and take them into consideration as we iterate further on the Webapp UX refresh project.


I like the refreshed look. Very nice!

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Hi, has the font for the views on the footer been changed? The view names seem to be running over the top of each other more than before??

New stuff looks FRESH! TYTY!!
In my opinion, the ONLY font to use in my Apps is Droid Sans, simply because it is the only font that has the capital I with the bars on top & bottom, so it does not look like a lower case L. IMO it is insane to have any font where one capital letter looks EXACTLY like the lower case of another letter!! What is up with that!?!?

A feature that i have asked before retains to the web app when i use a dashboard view. When the user is watching the dashboard he has to manualy refresh every few minutes in order to check for new data.

  1. Could there be an auto refresh every few minutes?
  2. Can the refresh keep the dashboard view and not show the sync bar window?

Agreed, for visual dashboards.


It would be great to have dropdown values for Ref tables in interactive dashboards.
This would reduce a lot the space in the interactive dashboard.


I agree getting way more user access to self served data is key


When the app is refreshed it pauses at the info page, will that be the default, at least for now? If so, what are your thoughts in terms of the design? Thanks!

This would be fantastic. I dident realize this until today with our KanBan Board app but it is not ideal. Think im going to switch back to my Java based version until a feature like this is implemented.

I think If appsheet just implemented a timer mechanism, it would kill so many birds with 1 stone. You can send notifications based on timed intervals, refresh pages, auto switch dashboard views that are full of charts every minute, etc etc. Timers!!! :):):):slight_smile:


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