Webhook/API Error: Action is missing

I’m getting an error when trying to run a relatively simple webhook, the error is below:

Action Details
Email Details
“Action”: “‘Action’ is missing.”,
“Properties”: {},

“RestAPIVersion”: 2,
“TableName”: “Activities”,
“AppTemplateVersion”: “1.000195”,
“AppTemplateName”: “8965f1b4-7baf-49d6-b32f-eace1641b8e7”,
“Operation”: “REST API invoke”,
“RecordType”: “Start”,
“Result”: “Failure”

The template for the webhook is:

“Action”: “Add”,
“Properties”: {
“Locale”: “en-US”,
“Timezone”: “Central Standard Time”,
“RunAsUserEmail”: “<<useremail()>>”,
“Usersettings”: {
“Payroll Period”: “<<usersettings(Payroll Period)>>”,
“Jobsite”: “<<usersettings(jobsite)>>”
“Rows”: [
<<start: [related employees]>>
“RefKey”: “<<index(select(Timesheet[uniqueid],and([_thisrow-1].[refkey]=[reftimecard],[Employee Name]=[_thisrow-1].[Original])),1)>>”,
“TimecardRef”: “<<[_thisrow-1].[refkey]>>”,
“Date”: “<<[_thisrow-1].[date]>>”,
“Phase Type”: “<<[_thisrow-1].[Phase Type]>>”,
“Phase Description”: “<<[_thisrow-1].[Phase]>>”,
“Issues”: “<<[_thisrow-1].[Comments]>>”,
“Facility”: “<<[_thisrow-1].[Facility]>>”,
“Layer”: “<<[_thisrow-1].[Insulation Layer]>>”,
“Straight Time”: “<<[_thisrow-1].[Straight Time]>>”,
“Overtime”: “<<[_thisrow-1].[Overtime]>>”,
“Double Time”: “<<[_thisrow-1].[Double Time]>>”,
“Schedule Activity”: “<<[_thisrow-1].[Schedule Activity]>>”,
“Specific Status Row”: “<<[_thisrow-1].[Specific Status Row]>>”

The workflow is:

Has anyone run across an error like this or have any thoughts? It seems like a straightforward process and I feel like I’m missing something obvious or have run across a bug. This error occurs when using the traditional workflow process and the new automation process.

Update: This is a confirmed internal bug and the fix is to be deployed to production today per @Lusha_Wang


@CJ_QREW is this simular to our issue?

Negative, I haven’t encountered this bug. @Douglas_English

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Any updates?