Webhook appears to be successful but does not actually update data

So I have a simple webhook running that is supposed to edit/update values on another table. The webhook used to work, it still APPEARS to be working, but the values on the updated table don’t actually change anymore. The body of the webhook template is

   "Action": "Edit",
   "Properties": {
      "Locale": "en-US",
      "Timezone": "Central Standard Time",
      "RunAsUserEmail": "<<useremail()>>",
      "UserSettings": {
        "Jobsite": "<<usersettings(Jobsite)>>"
   "Rows": [
     <<Start: [related_drawings]>>
         "Uniqueid": "<<[Uniqueid]>>",
         "Releases": "<<[_thisrow].[uniqueid]>>",
         "Deleted": "<<FALSE>>",
         "Descoped": "<<FALSE>>",
         "Jobsite": "<<usersettings(Jobsite)>>",
         "Specification": "<<[Specification]>>",
         "Active": "<<[Active]>>",
         "PlanGrid_Link": "<<[PlanGrid_Link]>>",
         "Added_By": "<<[Added_By]>>",
         "Pending": "<<[Pending]>>",
         "Elevation": "<<[Elevation]>>",
         "Description": "<<[Description]>>",
         "Areas": "<<[Areas]>>"

A part of the allegedly successful payload is

      "UniqueID": "19dcd108",
      "Jobsite": "jejfeowj8450",
      "Specification": "72f6b539",
      "Active": "Y",
      "Added_By": "jane.doe@example.com",
      "Descoped": "N",
      "Deleted": "N",
      "Releases": "9d404d17",
      "Areas": "61190549"

After the bot/sync/webhook runs, everything is green and appears successful, but when checking the table for results, the column that needs to change, [Releases] is still blank, even though I can clearly see the value it should be receiving in the “successful” payload.

App: ReleaseTracker-1049060
Account ID: 1049060

Could you please send an email to support@apphsheet.com.

Please include your userId, App name, workflow/Bot name and allow support access.

That will allow us to investigate the issue.



Just curious, is there any reason for doing this update with a webhook call instead of a data action ?

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We contacted support as well, Bryan was looking at it as of yesterday afternoon.

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We use the webhook to make it asynchronous so it can happen in the background as a single sync instead of the dozens or more syncs that it would become as a normal data action.

So if we made an option to make the data action async would that feature simplify this for you ?

Yes! Async data actions would help tremendously with “background” data updates to help keep other tables updated.

Also @Zhifeng_Lin found the bug in this original issue and sent the fix to production on Friday. The bug was identified as “It happens under a specific condition when the some of the rows in the batch (specified by the rest API payload) do not require any update”.