Webhook has Script ID - What does this do?

When creating a workflow, under wehhook, I found this

What does this do? Documentation doesn’t mention these fields https://help.appsheet.com/en/articles/962008-invoking-webhooks-from-a-workflow-rule-or-scheduled-report

Is this related to AppScript integration?

I bet it is @Sid

Surely it does!
I bet as well.

Have you noticed such a thing in your editor? I have checked the webhook worklow in my account however haven’t been able to notice such an addition or feature add-on.

I checked all of my accounts, business, pro and free, but could not locate anything like it.
Should be a mystery of new code rolling-out.

Now these fields have disappeared. This was on a pro account.

I tried using the fields, those did nothing. Likely a new change being tested.

Please contact support@appsheet.com for help with this.

I found this thread some days ago but just now I found this help article that mentions when the Script ID field is shown etc. → Calling a webhook from a bot


@Liz_Lynch What does the Script ID & Function Name in the above document refers to?