Webhook not running when using £ symbol

I have created a wehbook in a workflow that essentially concatenates a load of stuff to create a URL which gets pushed to a SMS provider. All was working fine until I added the £ symbol here -

ENCODEURL(“12month warranty inspection. £”),

Now the rest of the workflow still runs (it also creates 2 other seperate emails and adds 2 rows to another table). But the webhook bit does not. One of the emails it send to me serves as a kind of log email and also creates an idential URL. When I click on that URL, it works fine - the SMS arrives.

So I tried a few things:

ENCODEURL("12month warranty inspection. "),

When I remove just the £ symbol the webook works fine

So I even coded the URL symbols myself

ENCODEURL(“12month warranty inspection.”),

Same issue. Workflow runs, but webhook within it doesnt :confused:

Anyone come across this before?

Twilio works with the following form URL encoded payload:


The pound symbol is encoded as %c2%a3

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Hi @Phil

Yea, I’m not using twilio but another provider. But that string is in there. Please check the support@ email as I’ve put a bit more info in there