Webhook Trouble

Hi , i am trying to execute the webhook. From the monitor app the webhook appears to have executed successfully. However , nothing happens in the table that i try to add a row to.
Below is the output of the monitor app :

Created TimeStamp
6/26/2021 1:07:59 PM
Output data
“WorkDay”: “01/19/2011”
Task Properties
“Task Type”: “Webhook”,
“Task Name”: “add_all_drivers”,
“Url”: “https://api.appsheet.com/api/v2/apps/8bc969fa-81df-4f59-8ee8-ca2dd9b1cc4c/tables/DailyTaskList/Action”,
“Verb”: “Post”,
“MimeType”: “application/json”,
“Headers”: “applicationAccessKey:V2-K1Oam-pVRTd-v3dFB-OjcKV-9u9zY-2cB5a-3UZJe-kf0FQ, _webhookActionDepth:0”,
“Payload”: “{“Action”: “Add”,“Rows”: [{“date”: “1/19/2011”,“driver_id”: “123,456,789”}]}”,
“AppTemplateName”: “8bc969fa-81df-4f59-8ee8-ca2dd9b1cc4c”,
“Operation”: “Change Bot”,
“Result”: “Success”

If you check the log analyzer can you see the results of the API call ? You should see the webhook there as well and a row for the Add that is called by the webhook.

If there any reason that you are using a webhook instead of a data action to add the row ?

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