Webhooks inside Appsheet

As a practice I am using a webhook type action in a workflow to create and delete a row in the “data to send” sheet depending on whether a row is deleted or added to the “database” sheet.

so, for the action of adding everithing works perfectly, but with the delet action nothing happens.

Photo 1: What i put in the WorkFlow configuration-this workflow should be happen when i delet a row from the database sheet

Photo 2: What i put in the WorkFlow action configuration - i need to delet the same row in the Data to send sheet.

Photo 3: My body in Json Lenguage

“Action”: “Delete”,
“Properties”: {
“Locale”: “en-GB”,
“Timezone”: “Pacific Standard Time”,
“Rows”: [
“ID Token”: “<<[_THISROW].[ID Scan]>>”

Photo 4: How my “Data to send” Google Sheet looks like.

Somebody knows what’s wrong?

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Remove [_THISROW]. from the expression.

Why are you using a web hook for this? Why not just an action?

Thank you Steve.

I’m using web hook to practice, because i need to do the same things (Add and delete) but with an external app.

I already removed that part ( [_THISROW]. ) but it does not work yet

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Appsheet show me this error

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You’re missing a closing brace.