Webhooks - Is there a way to get a response payload from a REST API call and react to it?

Just want to confirm that nothing has changed.

It is my understanding that currently we can only post requests to 3rd party API’s. In looking at the webhook Workflow rule, the post can be configured to “listen” for a successful receipt of the request and retry upon failure.

At the moment we cannot, it still seems, process a response payload, store it and/or react to the response details. Correct? I believe there was some murmur previously about this capability coming in the future so just wanted verify its not here yet.

I do also understand that we can possibly use tools such Zapier or Integromat as 3rd party integrator services that may be able to bridge the gap in the meantime.

So, I’m curious if any others are processing responses from REST API services and if so, how/what tool or process are using to do so?


As far as I know Appsheet can’t do it and we use zapier to get the response, parse it out and store it in our database.

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It is depending on what sort of data you want to capture from GET api and want to consume the response within appsheet app, but one of the possible work around would be to consider to use Apigee if we ask Appsheet guys.


Do you do any kind of reactive processing? In other words, inspect the API response and then trigger some other activity in Appsheet - maybe updating other data or generating a notice.

Appsheet has its own API so just wondering if anyone has implemented that full round trip through 3rd party services?

I do have some app where we get the data (as table) out of the API GET call from the end point and show as table within Appsheet app using Apigee integration, but I believe it is not possible to trigger the subsquent process as a result of API call to the end point of the third party API end point, although it is lovely to happen.

AFAIK, that’s correct- unless there’s something new in the Automations section that would work.

I’ve been using Apps Scripts to send webhooks, instead of AppSheet, and processing the response in the script. Then I can pull out the values or rows I want and write them back to the sheet.

Another option is Retool. The free version can connect to GSheets, SQL, etc, send webhooks, process responses and do everything you would need to complete the integration.

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