Weekday Filter

I’m looking for help on filtering a view. So far I successfully filtered the view based on User. I’d like to filter it further based upon what day of the week it is. I have a service route for my employees to follow, they have reference data that doesn’t change and is recurring. However they have different routes for different days. I’ve added a “Service Day” column where I would like the sliced view check if that is today’s day of the week. If today is Wednesday, show only the rows that have Wednesday in the “Service Day” column. Any and all help would be much appreciated.


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I was using this reference earlier when trying to add the filter, but it wasn’t working.
I added it with the IFS function being
It wasn’t working… In the Service Day column do I put “Wednesday” or “4”?

Also… I set the “SERVICE DAY” column type as Date. Does that need to be something else?