Weekday - ShowIf acting funny

IN(WEEKDAY([_THISROW].[Start Date]),LIST(2,3,4,5,6))

I’ve got the above expression in a Column’s ShowIf formula. The form is acting all weird. Initially when I first view the form it will appear. As soon as I select tap a button in the column it dissappears (it’s an Enum type).

Also, I have another column that should ShowIf, if the Start Date selected is a WeekEnd. I’m expecting one of the two columns to Show based on which day of the week the selected Start Date is.

Suggestions on another way to do this so the columns Show immediately and the form reacts quickly?

Please try
IN(WEEKDAY([Start Date]),LIST(2,3,4,5,6))


Thank you! Works much better now!


Hi @Mike_T,

Good to know it works.

Since the question was about the usage of or rather the elimination of [_THISROW], I believe the below two explanations by senior community colleagues are very useful, just in case you have not yet come across