Weekly accountability check: week 1

Hi everyone!

I’d like to try an experiment here to push us all to become better app creators. At the end of every week I’ll post a new thread for the prompted question. Leave your remark and let’s see how many of us can post a new item on each new thread every week for the next month.

Ready? What was ONE thing you learned or built this week that made your application(s) better?

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I learned that I can put this wonderful little guy:partyparrot (Appsheet)
Here!!! :star_struck:

…Nuff said. :laughing: :nerd_face:

PS: Love the idea! Can’t wait to see what others have found/learned!


Could you give me a link to a page where I can see how this can be done

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Learnt how to add virtual column to a form and heck lot more…:ok_hand:t3:


I learned it’s possible to create recursive groups of actions to iterate through a list.



@DPM_reports Check out https://parrotify.github.io/ - Party Parrot as a Service!!!

To use as your app’s icon, just paste the result url in the custom space for the icon!

partyparrot (multitech) rightparrot (appsheet)

@Bahbus I was contemplating a setup that would do something like that, I’m curious how you’re going about that. Have you run into any infinite loops yet?


You gave me another new toy.


To compensate to you, I give this GIF (my favourites) to you, which I user heavily in my app to guide user to press inline actions!



hand pointing up

Naturally people (app user) will press the button they need to press.

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LoopingWithActions, here:

Yep, browser crashed, so nothing synced. Note this was an action loop, not in a workflow.


I figured out how to build a time off form to allow for multiple days using one click!


I learned that deck views can be an interesting interactive view. I’ve not done much with deck views before.


I figured out that you can add one Grouped Action to another Grouped Action (not allowed by appsheet, but allows better organization of large action groups) by including a Reference Action (Data: execute an action on a set of rows) as a “link”.

Parent Group
  -action 1
  -action 2
  -Reference Action
    -Child Group
      -action 3
      -action 4

Recursive loop actions sounds awesome!


I’ve learned that I need to read more to catch-up and learned from the masters in the community and developed a learning path for other in my organizations to have better steps to learn AppSheet, and make some kind of AppSheet (Beginner to Advance steps):

Note that step 17 and beyond are being developed further where I should have something like learning Expression (easy hanging fruit - simple expression with many use-case) to complex expressions, which should form as foundations for optimum learning path and utilization of the platform for my team.


This is quite useful chart indeed.

Thank you.

This is just applying to my case only. I started Appsheet back in 2017. I believe the materials are still available on Youtube, but I attended to weekly webinar at that point of time to learn the platform. My case was also not to learn from the sample apps, but I started to build my own app from scratch. Then when I faced the problems and need to find a tricks to achieve the functions i need, I visited documentation and knowledge base first and search Youtube Appsheet with other keyword to find a tricks.

Then added new knowledge to me.
Even after 3 + years with Appsheet, new idea, tricks are added mostly every day. That will NOT make me bored.

FYG, I m Appsheet partner, so basically Appsheet is my business tool.


I can’t wait for 17 and beyond. Thank you.

Hi everyone!

Week two has started here: