Weekly Timesheet Slice

Hello, i’m creating a Weekly User specific timesheet for the users of an app. Each user should be able to see his/her own entries only (easily done using [USER_UID] = USEREMAIL()) and only for each new week (Monday - Sunday).

How will I only show each week’s entries? I’m tracking the DateTime the entries are created but something like DATE + 7 wouldn’t work because if you log an entry on Saturday it will last till next Saturday. Should I check if the creation date is between this Monday’s date & this Sunday’s date? How can I know this week’s Monday & Sunday date?

You can do that with the EOWEEK() expression. Have you checked that?


For reference:

I didn’t know about it. Thank you! So if the week starts on Monday (for me) & ends on Sunday, would that be

AND(DATE([CreatedDate]) >= EOWEEK(DATE([CreatedDate]) - 5),DATE([CreatedDate]) <= EOWEEK(DATE([CreatedDate]) + 1)) ?

For example yes.