Weeknum for current year ONLY

Attempting to report a slice from a table for entries with date for the current week. This works well but I have noticed that the slice is now pulling in previous years entries for current week number also. This means items from 8/2/2021 and 8/2/2020 are returned undesirably in this case.

I am using:

WEEKNUM([Date entered]) = WEEKNUM(TODAY()-1)

Assistance appreciated, thanks.

Use AND(), and compare against the year as well.


Well it’s kind of annoying that the answer are not spoonfed to me :slight_smile: but it’s satisfying figuring it out. Thanks for the resources you linked. I will post my solution here for others.

This is a solution for WEEKLY results:
and(WEEKNUM([Date entered]) = WEEKNUM(TODAY()-1),year([date entered])=year(today()))

This is a solution for MONTHLY result:
and(MONTH([Date])=MONTH(EOMONTH(TODAY(), - 1)),year([date])=year(today()))