We're currently experimenting with the adding...

We’re currently experimenting with the adding new NFC capabilities to our apps. I would love to hear from any AppSheet users that may use NFC in their apps. What kind of use cases you had in mind? Which NFC format would you prefer? etc… Please leave your comment here or email me directly.


  • approve finished products (product gets marked as “done” by employee #1, supervisor edits same product and approves product with his NFC tag, value gets’s saved in a separate column of the product but the vlaue is hidden like a password)

  • get useres appointments (user scans NFC tag, gets his appointments based on the tag vlaue enabling a search function for this would be nice (but again the value would have to be hidden) )

  • timesheet for employees (user scans NFC tag to do one of the following:

  • start work - pause work - end work

That is so exciting! Mainly the ID card type, for sure!

@Grant_Stead I’m glad you like it! What kind of data would like to store on the card? Would it be just and ID number? Or more like whole person info (first name, last name, id…)? Any thought on how would you expect it to look on the app side?

Hello, our company (Paygoenergy.co) uses NFC to scan meters in and out of different stages of production, inventory and installation. We’ve had to build a native app for agents as this functionality was not available but if possible I would like to build internal apps that could have NFC functionality.



NFC would be great for SignUp, LogIn, ClockIn, RollCall, AboutUs, MoreProductInfo, Inventory, Security, and 9,888 other things!

Find more and report back here!

Only $0.15USD/ea! Copy Browser URL of the App View you want to Jump in to, Write to Tag, Tap, Launch & Enjoy! Do the same trick with your WiFi Password and you’ll never have to tell Guests how to spell your Passy, just tell them to tap their phone on your NFC Tag and it’s automatic and instant!

Stick them anywhere, or embed them in concrete/resin puck.




@Jonas Thanks for the detailed explanation! Those are some cool ideas.

@Mark_O_Keefe So basically each tag contains the ID of that meters and is used to recognize it?

A museum could put an NFC tag on every display and guests could tap for lots more information maybe even hear an audio file stored in app DB, or link to URL.

@Gil_Littman_AppSheet It seems like the trick is having different appsheet “views” that would react differently to the embedded ID… Maybe “scanning/bumping” assets I want to record the timedate, but recording a museum item, I want it to bring up some details?


It might be smartest to set this kind of museum type thing up with URL links, that way your website will get a bunch more traffic, rather than keeping this all inside the app DB.

I read an article about how smart a Boy Band was for a live TV concert.

They had an app made that encouraged the spellbound audience to log into app at every break and rate or vote or something.

The point is how smart it was to plan-in ways to get Users to give you more connections & visits.

Example: If I owned a restaurant, I’d have an NFC tag on the menu for every dish and send Guests to the Page on your Site for that dish where Guest would, of course, see other info (wine & appetizer pairings, etc.) to enhance their experience and help them spend more!

@Grant_Stead @Stephen_Mattison How about if you could trigger an action from the tag? For example when you bump the tag it could go to a view in your app, or open an url.

@Gil_Littman_AppSheet I was thinking about that. But one of the things that is limiting with appsheet currently is that the platform requires a button pressed in order to interact… For example it can’t just sense the internal device time… Or sense the device latlong… So if appsheet opens up, to where it can do that… And where just having the app open, allows us to bump an NFC…

@Gil_Littman_AppSheet full discloser… I’ve never worked with ID card NFC data… Personally, I would be good with simple single string ID… Nothing like a packet parsed across columns or anything…


Sounds great!

Might as well do it all!

MORE, MORE, MORE!! HAHA jknr. But along this related niche, we do need

more near field stuff.

But we also need access to the even more powerful HF RFID communication.

Cheap Passive RF Tags have a working distance of 25m, Active/powered RFID Tags go up to 100m.

Hundreds of use cases for this.

I have a huge-potential App if I had HF RFID, I want to be able to tell exactly what room of a building a person is in.

This will be more complicated than just turning on access to RFID, but I must have it to make it work.



Here’s a list of standard protocols most Android phones will read:

NFC-A (ISO 14443-3A) NFC-B (ISO 14443-3B) NFC-F (JIS 6319-4) NFC-V (ISO 15693) ISO-DEP (ISO 14443-4) NDEF MIFARE MIFARE Ultralight


yes, need all that!

@Grant_Stead @Stephen_Mattison Great feedback guys!

Thanks a lot!

Great! Thanks @Grant_Stead