We've been sending emails out through appshee...

We’ve been sending emails out through appsheet. We explained about it coming from noreply@appsheet.com, but then when you click reply it shows the reply to address that has been put into the app. But when emails are sent to gmail this doesn’t work. When you click reply it replies to noreply@appsheet.com

It also doesn’t show the from display, it just shows noreply@appsheet.com.

I’m copied into the same email on my hotmail and that works fine, showing from display and replying to the address I’ve put in.

Can anyone help? It’s confusing the recipients.


Adding @Philip_Garrett_Appsh

Did anyone get chance to look at this?
I’ve just tested it again and it’s the same. gmail replies to noreply@appsheet, but hotmail replies to the address I’ve specified.

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I’m having a similar issue. We have a workorder system that wants a valid email address and not a noreply address. The information being sent to it via email is being rejected because of the noreply.

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@Phil. Any response? Or was this resolved?